Bespoke Portraits

elmgARTS can memorialize your most extraordinary life events with one-of-a kind personal portraits of you or your loved ones.  Our bespoke works are each hand-carved out of vinyl records or cardboard album covers that preserve your special moments for all time.  

Eva Roland.JPG


  • Weddings

  • Engagements

  • Anniversaries

  • Births

  • Memorials

  • Retirement

  • Corporate Incentives


  • You send us several photos of you or your loved ones you want to incorporate in a portrait, so we have a good impression(s) to work with. If you have a photographer for a special event, we can work with them to select the ideal photo for our portrait.

  • You choose a specific vinyl album or album cover you want us to work with. At your request, we choose for you, adding an element of surprise.

  • We create a rough sketch of the portrait and send you two to three versions in .jpg.

  • You preview and select a final design.

  • We cut your original artwork

  • Four to six weeks later, you receive your bespoke portrait


Our bespoke packages start at $1500.  Please contact us for additional information and to receive a customized quotation for your individual artwork.