Watch as the artists make Jim Morrison and Madonna appear before your eyes.                                                                                               

elmgARTS creates original portraits by hand-cutting vinyl albums, album covers and other collectibles. The artists then spend hundreds of hours transforming the fragments into a portrait that is assembled and mounted onto canvas. 

ElmgARTS original pieces include tongue-in-cheek double meanings. Both subtle and overt, these call attention to current and historical pop culture, provoking interesting conversations amongst the viewers.  

Works in Progress: The artists in the studio hand-cutting and mounting Mr. President, for the Record and Tattoo Mick.

The artists hand-carving "The Lizard King" from vinyl with a heated blade.  The Lizard King, 017.

The artists assembling  Madonna cut from vinyl, onto canvas.  She's That Girl, 2017.   


Using classic album covers as a medium, the artists use iconic imagery to create one of a kind binary portraits.