It is strange that since I am inspired by music to a large extent that I haven’t written anything about it.

My inspiration for elmgARTS is all through music, a lot of the motives are from the music I listened to as a young adult. But those icons are inspiring and have inspired waves and generations of musicians, so more the love of music in general that has inspired my creativity.

You would be surprised if I shared that as I am writing this I have the multitalented Swedish DJ Alesso blasting through my headphones, as opposed to my morning which started off to the melancholic voice of Steven Patrick Morrissey. I am all over the place musically.

However, different music can inspire different things or artwork. Admittedly I was playing the Doors while cutting Jim Morrison and Bowie with Bowie. But there have been instances when Dr. Dre been pumping during cutting sessions not cutting a motive not even remotely related to hip-hop.

All in all, music is like everything else. Take food for example, you might be full and content whether you ate McDon or feasted on caviar. You are full and can continue with your day. You might have pasta if you are going for a run or a light snack depending on your activities. But food is food same as music is music. We all have different tastes and use it for different purposes.

As per usual with blogs, doesn’t make a lot of sense and you can read it in less than 120 seconds and if lucky might be a source of entertainment.

Oskar Elmgart