With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas lurking around the corner, here is our a quick gift guide for the 2018 Holiday season for those hard to buy for family members and friends.

It’s all about the theme.

If you start by giving a person a themed gift, then for every year you can just continue down that line. Personally I adhere to this good gift giving strategy, which has proven to be a success over the years but minimizing the planning effort. Lets say you have a grandmother or grandfather who loves butterflies. Why not give a butterfly painting, sculpture etc and then stick with the theme year after year. Our son loves owls. No matter what other expensive gadget or toy he gets - his favorite is always the gift with the owls.

While this tip is a generic way that you can make the gifts you give this holiday season more meaningful, our digiital prints make great themed gifts.

The Force is Strong in this One.

While Starwars: Episode IX won’t be here until 2019, for those who are more old school, we have some new editions this months with a twist. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Kiss Solo albums, we’ve turned them into our favorite classic Starwars heroes and villains - Yoda, Dart Vader, Luke and Chewbacca. For those who are more Han Solo, “Triple Indy” is makes a great gift and has a secret triple meaning. Can you figure out the three elements we combined? (You’ll have to wait for the answers is our next blog).

For the Rock N’ Roll Lover.

For the classic rock and roll fan, the easy way out is if the person you are gifting is a Rolling Stones fan, very simple, just click and buy our Stones motives.

For the Political-Minded.

Maybe you are seeking a gift for a patriot? What could be better than Abraham Lincoln made out of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA back cover? And if the person also happens to love the Boss…..jackpot!

If the person is a die hard democrat and lover of Obama, we have an Obama portrait made out of a Bruce Springsteen cover (Born In the USA). If they on the red side the aisle, they may enjoy the double twist here.

Us Too.

What better way to pay homage the “me too” movement then by combining two bad-ass members of the (not so) fairer sex: Princess Leia and Alicia Keys. In one of our newest pieces.


Maybe our tip will make you the best gift giver of the 2018 Holiday Season, so people will come to you for tips next year.

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Tatto Mick.jpg
Oskar Elmgart