For a debut album GnR’s Appetite for Destruction was something that doesn’t come around often. They still sported that long hair which was more associated with the different sounding likes of Bon Jovi, Europe, Scorpions etc. 

Guns were raw and a tad late to the party but brought a different sound and message. Motley Crue in all honor but AFD knocks it out of the park. In my opinion one of the most brilliant debuts ever and in the company of 50 cent (get rich die trying), NWA (straight outta Compton), and Rage against the machine from my list of phenomenal debut albus.

What I didn’t realize until recently was that how much it felt like Zeppelin. Rhythm section is awesome by Stradlin and the way he works with Slash, this is something that even my younger sister agrees is one of her three albums she brings with her to a deserted island. What would you bring? 

Oskar Elmgart